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Welcome and thank you for visiting our exclusive membership site. From now on you will make a profit from horse racing and enjoy the sport even more.

We have all got something in common, and that is we love the sport of horse racing.But when it comes to placing a wager on our fancied runner, the overall outcome is a loss.

Put this down to entertainment costs if you like, but in our view it is a waste of money. You don't have to place a wager to enjoy the thrill of horse racing but you must make a profit if you continue to bet.

Latest Winners:-

Date Track Race no GMT Name SP Lengths won by
08-Apr Carlisl 14:20 Un Guet Apens (FR) 17 Won 3/1 4.5
08-Apr Will Ro 5 20:22 Doctor Valentine 29 Won 10/11 3.5
11-Apr Ayr 14:10 Vibrato Valtat (FR) 34 Won 5/2 4.5
12-Apr Aqueduc 1 18:20 Front 146 Won 2/1 1.25
12-Apr Hawthor 8 23:18 Right Now Richie 28 Won 11/4 4.25
14-Apr Will Ro 9 22:14 More Than Even 21 Won 1/1 4
15-Apr Turf Pa 5 22:57 Big Team Little Me 15 Won 6/5 3

Our Average Member Example:



Of course how much you want to bet is up to you with higher amounts achieving more profit. ALL of our members make a healthy profit by following our advice.


How It Works:

  1. Create an account with us
  2. Every day login and check the selections for the day (Selections will be made available as soon as possible)
  3. Place your bets on the selections made
  4. Watch the winnings roll in.



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We focus our selections on three fronts, U.S.A, Australia and New Zeland, United Kingdom and Ireland. This way fans can concentrate on their own country or look at other's to produce more or less the same amount of enjoyment and profit.

Our current stats for these regions are:-


U.S.A. Strike rate = 40% and a level stake profit of 26%. Finish in top three = 73%
Australia and New Zealand Strike rate = 41% and a level stake profit of 40%. Finish in top three = 68%
United Kingdom and Ireland Strike rate = 45% and a level stake profit of 38%. Finish in top three = 74%


When we look at these stats. Constituency springs to mind. The most rewarding statistic is that selections finish in the top three.


We will display the selections on a daily basis well before race times. Check out the results from previous years.

Once subscribed you will have access to our daily selections and staking advise which is vital to produce a long term profit.

We charge £40.00 per month with no added costs, selections for the UK, USA and AUS/NZ are all included to provide 24 hour global racing.

Log on today or leave your details to join our exclusive club and start making a profit from racing.

Membership is limited to maintain a profitable starting price.


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